We played games, everyone together.  All the children back then. We usually got together in the neighbourhoods and played.  We did this of course when the schools were open, after we finished our homework and the weather was good so we could go out in the open fields around our homes back then.  These were open spaces where we could play.  But in the summer we played from morning till night.  We never got tired.  We would all play together then, both boys and girls.  Our games were team games – you will know these –  tag, hide and seek, what we call “tsouni”. This involved this little stick, and mostly boys played it, but also us girls.   We put this little stick down and with this stick we would hit it here.   Once it got up we hit it with this stick and see how far it would go. It had to cross a certain line and that person would win.  We called this “Bam” and “alesta”, which means “go away”.  And we threw it.  This is what we called the “tsouni”.  Mainly the boys.