Afterwards we used cane, the cane was not like the one that gardens have nowadays. This was sugar cane. Where we get sugar from. And you know what we made? Kites! The kite was a thing like this, there was a piece of wood, we put the string here, take it down here and here was its tail. And here was the tassel. And we hung them here and made the ‘earrings’. Like the ones women hang on their ears. This is called a kite now, we called it a ‘stefanoto’ then. When we were your age. And it had string, which we tied here, brought it around here, and we called them balances. Because the kite had to be balanced, go neither right or left. Straight. And here was a ball and the string was released from the end. You held it and it flew when it was windy. And when the kite was big, we would go up with it! Because the wind would lift us too (laughter).