– We made them back then, we didn’t have the ready-made balls.  We made them out of paper or cloths, we wrapped them and tied them from the outside.  And we played ball.


– Do you mean you made the ball?


– We made it together with our mother, our grandmother, she helped us.  We made a cloth ball, a lot of paper in the middle, and on the outside we put a large one and we sewed it so they would not dissolve and we played ball.  For the slippers we made, slip-on shoes, we had this grass.  We braided it and we then sewed it. And we made the bottom part, then the top and back again. Like sandals. And we wore those. We had canisters back then to carry water, but they were tin.  Let’s say like copper. We didn’t have the plastic bottles.  The same thing with the cup where we put the water or the milk we drank.  Other toys we had were the dolls, which we girls had.  We also made the dolls.  Out of cloths. We made hands, legs, heads.  And our grandmother would knit dresses, scarves, shawls.