-What games did you play?


– Plenty of games!  The girls would play different games, and us boys would play our games.


– My father told me that they made little boats with oars.


– With bark.  The bark from the pine trees.  We took a piece of that, carved it and made boats.  We, the boys, played more violent games. We also played “tsiliki-tsilikoverga”.


-What’s that?


– We had a long stick, and a small one, which we called “tsiliki-tsilikoverga”.  And we threw that, we would hit the long stick with the small one and it would go far.  And if the other person caught this stick in the air, you lost, and he would come and play. If not, wherever the stick fell, he would throw it from there.  And we had a ring, and if it got in and we could not throw it out, we lost again. Otherwise, if it was outside, we counted with the long stick, how many sticks far from the ring it was, and we won this way. This was one game. Another game was the ball.  We didn’t have the balls you have today, football balls.  And even further back, they made balls out of rags.  From old, worn out clothes.  We would take pieces, roll them up, again and again and again.  And we would make this big ball which we played with.  We didn’t have money to buy balls or things like that. Another game. We played with the marbles. Our marbles were made out of clay, dirt. The glass ones were the balls. That’s what we called them.  Some of them had many colours in fact, very nice!  We would say that these are… We called them ‘Amerikanakia (=little Americans).  They are very beautiful and they are the ‘Amerikanakia’. There were different sizes.  How did we play with these? We made a line, and we would each put two marbles in a row, and we would then throw this marble, the big one we had. Who could get closer to the line? We made a line and threw the marble.  Whoever got closer to the line, would throw first. Then second, third, etc.  Whoever got farther away, would throw later.  And if you hit with the large marble the marbles which were in a row, one of them, you would take all the marbles after the one you hit as your own. You won them. That is how we played marbles. Another game we played was the ‘fouskoto’.  That is why I say that the girls didn’t play these games.  They didn’t play war either.   We also played war. We played “robbers and ‘adragades’”. Adragades is what we called the rural police we used to have back then. Like “cops and robbers”. The police are for the city, the ‘adragades’, the rural police were for the countryside. That is why we called them that, the guarded the countryside.  So we played ‘fouskoto’, war… We would take long sticks from these trees and clean them, and play war and sword fights.  These games were a bit dangerous.  Of course there were these girls that were very lively and we called them tomboys.  And they also took part in the boys’ games.