The school I went to had lots of children. We were 50 kids and we lived in the Livadia village. Well, do you know what game I played, other than the hide-and-seek or tag that we used to play… Our teacher would hang up a string with candy and lollipops. They would put us in these big sacks, they would put our legs inside, and we would jump and try to grab the candy off the string and take it down. And we had such fun there! And we enjoyed it! We also played football, in my time. We played hide-and-seek… we would have relay race

-What’s that?

-It’s this nice game, we would have these batons, these sticks, and stand on one and the other side. Ten children on the one side and ten children on the other side. And on the other row the same again, ten and ten. So we would run and pass the baton to the other child and the other child would run. When we finished, then the last child, that team would win. And we would play the other game, the relay race. We also had many toys. I mean, we didn’t have what you have, electronic games, computers, what you play now. We didn’t have those.