Once upon a time there was a village.  Close to this village was a town with a King.  This king had a girl, a very beautiful daughter.  And the King said “Whoever goes to the village and kills the dragon..”, because this dragon would go in the fields and cause damage, there was a bull and a dragon and they both had to be killed.  A young man appeared and told the king “I will go and kill both the dragon and the bull”.  The lad went to sleep and woke up in the morning and wanted to eat something.  He took two slices of bread and put butter and honey on them and went to wash up.  When he got back, he saw his bread was full of flies.  ‘Oh no” he said. He takes a towel and bang!, he swings it and kills seven.  He killed seven flies.  And the young man hung a piece of cardboard in front of him and he wrote: “I who killed seven, will I fear the bull?”  He left one morning. He told the king “I will go”. He went and killed the bull.  He took it and placed it outside the palace.  The king saw him. He says “Well, well, well”.  “Now, my king”, he says, “I will go kill the dragon”.  A big tall dragon. He had a cave and slept there.  The lad took off to find the dragon.  The dragon was sleeping, and another dragon came out of the cave and lay next to him and slept.  The lad went and filled his pockets with stones and climbed up a tree.  He climbed up in the tree and he started throwing stones at the dragon.  The dragon woke up! And he asked the other dragon next to him “Why are you throwing stones at me? Why do you hit me? What have I done to you?” And they argued and the dragon was killed.  The other one killed him.  He killed the dragon, his brother let’s say. Let’s call him that, his friend? He was something.  And this other dragon went on his way, he disappeared.  The young man came down the tree, took the dragon and carried him to the palace, in the courtyard.  The King saw him.  And he said “Well done! I will give you my daughter for your wife right now”. “Good” he answered. “We shall have the wedding tomorrow”, said the young man. The king said “No.  You will sleep in the palace and in the morning when you wake up, you will take my daughter to be your wife.  I will give you my daughter.” “OK”, agreed the young man. And he went to bed to sleep. But the cunning young man covered up with his blanket and didn’t speak.  And the King sent five soldiers to kill him. The cunning lad however, covered up and listened to the soldiers talking. And the one says to the other “Come now, when he is covered up and cannot see us, let’s go kill him. There are five of us, we can handle him”. The lad woke up then and said “I killed seven at once! And I will fear five?” They thought that he had killed seven soldiers.  He had killed seven flies with the towel he threw. And he wrote it to be able find a job, that he was brave.  And they got scared and ran way and went to the King.  They told the King about what had happened. He said “I killed five, why would I fear five?” And they got scared and took off.  They could not beat him. The young man was strong and smart. So the next day the King gave him his daughter and they got married and they lived happily ever after.