Let me tell you a story we said when we were young.  “Once upon a time there was an old woman and an old man”. That is what we would say then. That is how the fairytale would begin.  Once upon a time there was an old woman and an old man.  The old man was in bed, poor guy, and the little old woman had to go up to the mountain to gather wood. So they could light a fire and get warm.  They had a brazier, called ‘maggali’, it was round with three legs and they would put wood in it and a powder called pyrina.  And people would sit around it and get warm.  When the little old woman went to the mountain, she found two little children.  The poor thing was hungry because she had nothing to eat.  And these two little children were gathering wood for their home also.  Their mother had sent them.  When the little old woman saw them she said “My little ones, could you please spare a little bit of food for me, because I am hungry? I am old and I cannot go home to get some. I have no food with me”.  The children had some bread and cheese wrapped up in a cloth, and one of the children willingly said “I will give you some grandma”.  And he gave her his cheese and bread.  The other one didn’t.  He said: “Why would I give you my bread and cheese?” And after they got home, their mother told him “That’s wrong! You should have given your food to the poor old lady who had nothing to eat.  You are children, you would come home and find food. The little old woman would not”. Anyway, the next day, the little old woman went again and the children went too, and she had a bag of toys for them.  And the little old woman gave them the toys, and the other child gave her his food. And they went home, gathered the wood, and they lived happily ever after.