Once upon a time there was a king.  And he had built a large, beautiful palace with flowers all around it.  A huge, lovely, very beautiful palace.  The king said that anyone who comes and tells me a never-ending fairy tale, I will give him gold.  But if he can’t, we will throw him in jail.  So a story-teller came, who knew many fairy tales.  He told the King a fairy tale. On the first day, on the second day he didn’t know what else to say. The fairy tale was ending.  Two days went by, the fairy tale ended, he caught him and put him in jail.  One person who was very smart, a young man, goes to the king and says: “I will tell you story, king, but you will give me two bags of coins”.  Coins are money. “You will give me two bags of coins”.   So he told him:


“Once upon a time there was a king, he had built a large palace with a large storage room and had put wheat in it.  He had forgotten to close a hole underneath it, and the ants started going through and taking the wheat to carry it out. The would go in, take the wheat and carry it out.  They would go in, take the wheat and carry it out…”. He kept saying this: “The ants would go in, take the wheat and carry it out”.

And the king tells him “Won’t you ever end this story?”.


“That easily? Does the fairy tale end so easily? The ants are carrying all this wheat outside. A year must go by. You’ll have me here one, or even two years”.


“Oh my”, says the King” “I lost the bet”. So he loaded him up with coins, and the young man left and headed home. On his way, he found three people arguing about three bags of walnuts.


They said: “Here!” We found someone to divide the nuts between us”. They couldn’t agree. One wanted so many, another more.


He asked them: “How do you want me to divide them? Fair as a man or as a god?”

“Oh! As a God”, they replied.


So he took the three bags and said “You take these nuts, you take half a bag”. And to the third one he gave all the rest.


“What kind of dividing is this?”


He asked them: “That is how I divided them. That is how God divides them. One person gets money by the bagfuls, another gets less”.