-What do you have?


-Α kitten that is so small. Fat like this. I am kidding.


-Good.  We also had a cat when I was young, your age. And listen to this funny story.  We had a cat called Zaza.




-Zaza.  And we had a canary in a cage which we called Zizi.  We had Zaza and Zizi.  Every Saturday, when we had to clean Zizi the canary’s cage, we opened the cage, got Zizi out very carefully, and held him in our palm so he wouldn’t fly away. And my grandmother held the cat, Zaza, so she wouldn’t eat Zizi (laughter). A big fuss! The cat mewed, Zizi would flap his wings… Noise! Fuss!  Until we cleaned the cage and Zizi would go back in! And one day, he got out of the hand, he started to fly around the house, until he sat on the back of a sofa, Zaza jumped, and that was the end of Zizi.

– That is what happened to poor Tweety too.