Papadiamanti street in the past and where the school was, water, where they took a bath, where they washed the clothes

-And Papadiamanti Street, like you see it now, with the stores, it wasn’t like this.  When you grow up, you will learn many more things.  Papadiamanti Street was a stream, where all the waste fell in, and it had bridges and one part was connected to the other.  And the people would cross the bridge.

– And where were the schools?

– The school was in Bourtzi. This is where the first school was.  But the High School was in a different place, higher up. And during my years, there was no High School. I went to high school, and I had to go to Volos.  Then they built a high school. Now it is there. Where the high school is, there used to be a threshing circle.  That’s where they would separate the wheat.  And under the threshing circles was the water, where the women would go carry water.  The houses didn’t have water like they do now. And in order to have water, after the German Occupation, certain houses had cisterns.  And they would collect rain water in there. They would take it out with buckets to wash their clothes and take a bath.  We didn’t have bathrooms, or luxuries, we didn’t have showers, we didn’t have anything. Our mothers would heat up the water, put us in a little basin and they would pour the water over us.  We didn’t have the luxuries we have now.

– And where did you wash the clothes?

– The clothes? First we came down here in Papadiamanti, there were these large gardens and they put these big pots with hot water on the fire. And they would put them in the basin, a thing like a big pan. And they had soaps, which they made with oil, the soaps of Skiathos, and they washed the clothes. And they would put them in the wash, like they called it. You don’t understand now, you are young. And they washed them. The washing machines came out later, a lot later. They washed them by hand back then.  They had no sewerage, they had nothing. They spilled the water on the street.  And in the streams, at Papadiamanti, all the waste went there.