The “kales” are the good costumes which they wore at the Carnival. Costumes. Like we do now, what happens on the last Sunday of the Carnival in Skopelos (She shows a picture).  This is from 1976, this is my father. This custom has disappeared in Skopelos. It used to take place a long time ago. And this man started it.  They danced in the houses, they enjoyed themselves in the evenings. From the moment the Carnival started, we would get together at relatives’ houses and danced and celebrated. They would cook their own local dishes, with local materials, their own chickens and roosters. We didn’t have stores, to go buy chickens. And they sang songs. Each one would sing carnival songs in the group. And they sang, and they all took part in the dance. And you could hear the floors! “Thump-thump”. Some of them played musical instruments, those who knew how to.