We went to church on Easter evening, but it was also nice on Palm Sunday.  It was very nice on Palm Sunday!  We played with the children.  We made a cross and nailed it in front of us.  We enjoyed Palm Sunday more. We took these long sticks and hit one another.  We would say “Pou einai i Vaya stou Vayiou”? And we would then cross the leaves like this, string one leaf through the other. A hole here and a hole there.  And we would make a cross with leaves.  Boys and girls.

-Did you have Easter candles?

-We had Easter candles, but we didn’t make them ourselves.  I remember that at the store, in order to have more cheerful candles for the children, we would take paper and wrap them. We made them at the store. And the kids would buy them, and they had a ribbon on them, like parchment paper. Coloured.  To make all the children happy.