You want me to tell you the story of the nannie goat?

 I am the Goat with Iron horns.

Who he ate my eggs meet me in the forest.


أنا العنزة العنّوزية أم قرون الحديدية
اللي أكل بيضاتي يلاقيني بالبرية


This goat lives in a farm and have 7 baby goats. One of her kids, was so weak as she sprained her leg when she was newborn. As they are still young, the nannie goat had to go outside eat grass so she can produce enough milk to breastfeed her kids. Goat kids can’t eat grass yet.

While the mother is away, the wolf started to watch the goat’s movements on a daily basis.

The wolf is a wild animal, who wants to eat the goat kids. He usually come to eat the village’s chicken. But this time, he wants to eat the goats.

So he made up a plan. Whenever the mother goat is outside bringing food, he would come and knock on the door of the goat’s house.  The mother goat warned her kids not to open the door when she is away no matter who is knocking. She told them to always keep the door closed.

Wood logs to light a fire and warm them up

But the wolf, a wicked animal, is graving for fresh meat and he wants to eat the little baby goats.

He knocked on the door, knocked, knocked and knocked. The baby goats asked who is knocking on the door. The wolf, imitating the mother’s voice replied: “I am your mother”

The kids answered back: “Our mother doesn’t knock on the door”. The wolf insisting: “I’m your mother. I got milk in my breasts. I got grass on my horns. And I brought you water in my ears”

The kids said: “Show us your tail so we can decide”. The wolf extended his tail under the door. The tail of a goat is usually smooth. A wolf’s tail is not. So the wolf went and smoothened his tail and came back. He extended his tail for the second time. The kids touched it and found it smooth. They said yes, you are our mother! It was the wolf disguised as a goat, and imitating the mother’s voice:


Ana imkoun … I’m your mother

Al may b daynati … Water in my ears

Al ḥalib b bzayzati … Milk in my breasts

Al ḥašiš b qraynati … Grass in my horns

Ana imkoun, ftaḥoule al bab …  I’m your mother. Open the door!


The kids opened the door. The wolf jumped on the goats and ate them. Only one goat survived. The weakest one with the broken leg. She was hiding on the top of the closet.

Their mother came back and found only one. She started to cry. The goat with the broken leg told her mother what happened.

The mother went to look for the wolf. She found him and tricked him to follow her to the roof of her house.  On the roof, she had a roof roller used to fix the roof so water don’t leak inside the house when it is raining. The mother goat took the roller and threw it on the wolf.  The wolf’s belly blew up, exploded and the kids came out of the wolf’s belly alive, all 6 of them. The mother then put stones inside the wolf’s belly, sew the belly and threw the wolf in the water well.


SIRAJ | Spinning Tales Across the Great Blue

 Museolab’ & Plegma                    

Location: ASSABIL library – Geitawi Public Garden (Beirut)

College Melkart Students (5-6 years old)

Date: 26 March | 2019