A long time ago, during the days of the Romans, there was a king. The king had a son called Georges, a beautiful boy.

At this time, people used to worship many Gods and not only one.

Then, they started worshipping one God and believing in Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary and all the saints …

George, the king’s son, became Christian and adopted the one God religion.

Then one day, a dragon attacked the city where George used to live.

The dragon represents the devil ‘in the name of the Cross’.

The habitants of the village were so scared they started to run away and hide.

The dragon, then saw a little girl and was about to attack her, when George riding his horse came, and killed the dragon with his spear and saved the little girl.

This is the story of St George.

And where all this story took place?

The legend says that it all happened here in Beirut, on the shores of Beirut.

Some say, it happened near the Quarantina area, others say near the St George Bay in central Beirut.

You will learn everything when you grow up.


SIRAJ | Spinning Tales Across the Great Blue

 Museolab’ & Plegma                    

Location: ASSABIL library – Geitawi Public Garden (Beirut)

College Melkart Students (5-6 years old)

Date: 26 March | 2019