When I was your age, I did not go to school! We were homeschooled.

My mother used to teach us and we used to study at home.

Our family was composed of 6 kids and mama (my mother) was raising us on her own.

Baba (My dad) was always away for work.

Mama took care of everything, she raised us, she home schooled us and …

At 7 years old, we started to go to the village’s school.

We used to take with us a zouwede snack

So mama used to prepare the snack composed of Labne and thyme mixed olive oil.

We ate this for breakfast at school and go home for lunch.

During the winter, we also used to take with us a wood log. Each student carries with him or her a log so we get the heater running at school, as we didn’t have modern gas heaters at the time like you have today at your schools.

With no heating, it was too cold during the snowy season and we could die from the cold.


SIRAJ | Spinning Tales Across the Great Blue

 Museolab’ & Plegma                    

Location: ASSABIL library – Geitawi Public Garden (Beirut)

College Melkart Students (5-6 years old)

Date: 26 March | 2019