When you were a child, did you like to play Barbie?

Yes, but back in those days, it was not called Barbie.

It was called leʻbit Chratit Chiffon Doll.

What is this?

It was a doll made out of scraps of fabric. We used to make it

When I was your age, I had a friend, older than me. She was my 10 years old neighbor, living next door.  We used to play together when she comes to visit. I go collect the scraps of fabric from the seamstress, an old lady who used to sew dresses for the village women, nice dresses. She was a talented tailor.

When cutting the fabric, she would get little pieces of fabric that she doesn’t need.

She used to give them away to kids who come to visit. We used to call them chratit.

My older friend used to help me cut and sew these scraps to make a chiffon doll.

We used to borrow scissors and pins from my grandma’s sewing box, forget to put them back in their place and sometimes end up losing them. One must return everything he/she uses to its place, you must not put them back anywhere else and loose them. Right?

And that’s how we used to make leʻbit Chratit!


SIRAJ | Spinning Tales Across the Great Blue

 Museolab’ & Plegma                    

Location: ASSABIL library – Geitawi Public Garden (Beirut)

College Melkart Students (5-6 years old)

Date: 26 March | 2019